Branson Reunion 2016
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john #1 - Posted: 5 Feb 2016 22:01
Hope to see all my CR Division shipmates in Branson this year.
coffeeman #2 - Posted: 16 Apr 2016 19:43
John My wife and I will be there 10/19 through 10/23. It will be great to see all the CR Div gang again. Steve Hufford CYN 3
heikki #3 - Posted: 17 Apr 2016 07:53
I will be flying in on 10/18 and leaving on 10/23. Those of you flying in the airport is 60 miles from Branson. The cheapest i found for transportation from the airport is $98 each way. This is from Branson limo service. This cost can be split if you have more then one rider. Jerry Heikkinen RM3.
topcat #4 - Posted: 5 Aug 2016 19:25
Jerry I will put your info. on our CR Div. Website maybe someone will be driving and can pick some of you up at the Airport. What time will you be getting in and departing? T.C.
ron richardson #5 - Posted: 7 Aug 2016 09:00
John, TC, this will be my first reunion. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Will arrive 10/21 staying until 10/23. planning to bring Frank Miglio and Connie with us. Frank is not in good health. Please keep him in your prayers. Ron Richardson, RM2
coffeeman #6 - Posted: 7 Aug 2016 16:41
If you are looking for air fares to Branson. Try looking for cheaper flights to the following airports and renting a car. Routes from the listed airports to Branson involve 4 lane mostly Interstate hiways all the way. Weekly car rentals from these airports start at about $250 compacts to about $350 for midsize cars. 1. Kansas City International - 3.5 hour drive to Branson 2. St Louis Lambert Airport - 3.75 hour drive to Branson 3. Tulsa International - 3.5 hour drive to Branson This may be cheaper and quicker, with flight times, layovers, high shuttle rates. Steve Hufford CYN3 Division Yeoman 68 - 70
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